Daring Dolphins
Beloved Buffaloes
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Green
Eliminated TDSA: TBA
TDFvF: Zing-O Fever
TDFvF: 18th
Relationship Bridgette (crush)
Friends Bridgette, Noah, Izzy
Enemies Alejandro, Brody
Voiced by Scott McCord

Trent was a competitor on Total Drama Sky Adventures, as a member of the Daring Dolphins. He also returned for Total Drama Fans Vs. Favourites, as a member of the Beloved Buffaloes.


Trent is a relaxed, nice guy who tends to get along with everyone, even the immensely hated Chris. A straight-A student, he is intelligent but would rather not bring attention to it. He is known for his guitar skills, which impress several people throughout the series. He is also shown as being a pain magnet, suffering a number of near-death experiences and mishaps during Island and sometimes in Action. However, he usually recovers from these injuries by the next episode. As revealed in his biography, he also finds enjoyment in motorcycles and dreams of having his own bike shop one day. He is a ladies man, having dated two girls since joining Total Drama and apparently many others before. In addition, Katie, Sadie, Lindsay, and Beth have shown attraction to him. His lucky number is nine, revealed in season two. In that same season, under the belief that he was losing Gwen to Duncan, a jealous Trent becomes desperate to uphold his relationship, referencing the number frequently to help cope. Unfortunately, thanks to a series of misunderstandings, heartache, and angry teammates, Trent's fate is crippling. Depressed about the events at first, Trent eventually brushes it off with the help of many new female fans. He is also able to maintain an awkward but sure friendship with his ex-girlfriend, even after his worst fear comes true.

Total Drama Sky AdventuresEdit

Shanghai N' SeekEdit

Trent waits for the bus to arrive to the airport patiently, with everyone else, and haves some friendly talks with some of them, like his former teammate Noah, or Bridgette. When he sees Gwen, he gets scared for a moment, but soonly after return to tranquility. He helps Cody up when he falls, and when Sierra overreacts, claiming it to be "her man", he tells her to take it easy, as he want nothing with him, and recieves a "good luck getting Gwen back" from her, that seems to annoy him. He is placed on the Daring Dolphins, and is soonly excited to have Bridgette and Noah there, world tour veterans. When he asks Noah how was the world Tour, he asks him if he saw the series, but he tells him that he didn't because someone told him that Gwen kissed Duncan, a phrase that bugs her. 

Chris then, asks them to select a team captain, and he proposes Noah and Bridgette, and eventually the last one gets picked. Then, the challenge starts, and he gets pushed out of the plane to Shanghai. He lands close to Noah, and helps him up when he falls in a noodle carriage of a local seller, and they both run away from it. When they think they are safe, they crash to Izzy, who happily joins them.

Izzy decides that they must hide in a dragon disguise, and mix with the crowds, and the plan goes well, until Anne Maria, out of anger, kicks Paintbrush, the tagger, to Izzy's legs, making her do a drama queen performance, and revealing their spots.

He and Noah start escaping, and manage to confuse the taggers and reach a dead end street. When Jo appears, Trent climbs to the roof, and offers help to Noah, but he slips, and gets tagged. Then, Trent is the last one standing for his team, and starts running throught the roofs, constantly chased by Jo, or crashing with Soap and Fan. While running, he slips and falls to the sewer, and fids Soap there. When he gets out, he sees Paintbrush approaching, so he grabs Soap, and throws her to Paintbrush, making the Treacherous Turtles to lose. When he is confident and proud of what he just did, Jo appears on his behind and tags him. However, his team is in the middle, not winning, but not losing, so he is safe. At the plane, he makes an alliance with Izzy and Noah, and they three celebrate their not lost, but not victory.

One, Two, Three, FortEdit

Trent awakes and sees how Izzy jumps on Noah, and comments it's nice to see how she's excited, and asks Noah if he is ok, but before he can ask, the doors are opened, and he is thrown out. He crashes with the ground, and comments how cold it is, and tells the others to watch out, but Noah slips and falls in the ice, getting frozen in a cube of ice, and he goes to help him out, trying to break the cube, and tells Izzy to not go and chase Billy, but to help him, and she breaks the block, and Trent asks him if he's ok again, but he is still really cold. Trent tries to cheer the team up, and gives Anne Maria and Bridgette a shovel to help with the fort. He is still worried about noah's health, but he replies he's getting warmer. Trent then congratulates Mike for his work, and Bridgette falls accidentally on him, but he tells her it was his mistake, and then he asks to get back with the challenge. Trent stops Izzy, that was chasing Billy the intern, and asks her for help on the shoting. He also congratulates Ella for her work, and then the battle starts. As they get shooting, a ball from Test Tube shots him in the head, but he doesn't give up, and gives more snowballs to Izzy. When the other teams get against them, he complains, but doesn't give up. When Bridgette gets attacked, he wants to help her, but iinstead catches Jo's snowball, preventing them from losing. Then, all the team works toghether to throw a super ball, but even when they succeed, a ball they didn't count on crashes with their fort, and they lose the challenge. Trent and his alliance discuss who to eliminate, and he ends up voting Anne Maria, because she was used as a shield for another team when she got distracted. He is one of the first ones to recieve a barf bag and Anne ends up being the first eliminated.

Radical PyramidalEdit

Trent asks Noah if he is feeling better that day, and Izzy attacks him again. Trent tells Izzy to leave him as he is, but she uses him as a chair. Trent then, awakes Bridgette, that is scared, but she calms down when she realises it's him, and they both feel a bit uncomfortable, and they talk about last day's challenge, and comment how some people there look unestable. When Izzy and Noah fall/jump out of the plane, Trent also does, followed soon after by Bridgette, and he lands on camel feces in Egypt, and helps Bridgette up, before asking again about Noah. When he realises in the challenge, that Mike wants Bridgette out due to bad team leadership, and he tries to cheer up both, Bridgette and Noah. When both friends are talking, Cody pushes Trent but they don't get in trouble. Trent guesses well one clue, and his team cheers for him, as they keep advancing. They lose Noah as they advance, but they don't give up but it's when Bridgette gets eliminated when he is really hurt. He reaches the final chamber, but the ones that solve the clues are Mike and Izzy, winning for his team, and quickly as the get out of the pyramid, he tells Noah. Bridgette hugs him, and he hugs her back, until they realise what they are doing and they let go, being attacked by some words from Izzy and Noah after it, and they go to first class with both still blushing and teased.

Farce WestEdit

Trent comments along with Noah that it's nice to win, and asks him about the relationship of his with Dawn, and they talk for a bit about girls, but shortly after they are interrupted by Mike repeating again that Bridgette is a bad leader, which causes Trent to get in an argument, but they return on their talk again, and he advices him to let Dawn decide a bit for him, which doesn't convince him much. Then, Izzy gets in troubles again, thinking she's a snake and tryng to attack Ella, but they manage to take her down with Noah's hypnosis. He falls again out of the plane, and this time it's him, the one that crashes with Bridgette, but helps her up again. As they are hearing the challenge, Bridgette tells Trent about how she saw Dakota turning into Dakotazoid, and they wonder about how if she's going to use that power. They are told to be Cowboys, and given guns, what he founds cool, and helps Bridgette seeing it with better eyes. He feels bad about it being on Wild West based again, but determined to beat his luck, and him and Noah plan to give roles to everyone, but Noah mentions him and Bridgette as "Trentgette" causing him to follow his name and reffer to the others as "Nizzy" and "Mikella", causing more chaos on the team, before they eventually get to attack. Trent and Bridgette see the Sneaky Swordfishes approaching, and get in an ambush. While Izzy manages to take down Paintbrush, and Bridgette shots Topher down, she is taken down by Fan, leaving Trent worried about her, but she tells him to keep moving. Trent and Izzy then ambush the Turtles, and while Jasmine is able to dodge his shots, Soap doesn't, and is eliminated, and also shots Test Tube down, destroying her, payback from Findland. Still fighting, he takes down Jasmine and Jo, and hides behind a cactus. When Dakota is distracted, thinking she won, Trent shots at her, and gives victory to the Daring Dolphins again. Noah then, awakes and asks if he earnt the victory, but he tells him he actually did, upsetting him. Seeing his reaction, he swears to help him to get the spotlight, and their friendship continues.

Az-Take a ChanceEdit

Trent comments how good it is being on first class, and is congratulated by his teammates, which bothers Noah, but he tells him again that now he'll try to put him in the spotlight, and asks him about where Izzy is, and she appears behind his sit and puts his pants down, gets them and runs away. He chases her for his pants, and is able to trick her with a sandwich. Trent asks Chris if they have to jump, an when he's in land, he finds the pyramid in behind awesome, and asks Topher to take a photo of him and Bridgette there and they get once again in an uncomfortable situation where she mentions her boyfriend Geoff. Trent volunteers to go first for the Dolphins, as usually the last one to enter is the one in the spotlight, and when he enters, and is sent away by a trap. He comes back later, with some bandadges, and Bridgette asks him if he's ok to whom he answers he's fine, and suggests Izzy to go, but Noah was already in, and chased by a tiger to almost losing his pants, which Izzy jokes about. When Bridgette almost gets in, he gets worried about if something could happen to her, but Ella goes instead, and he is shocked she makes it. When Bridgette tries to go, he covers her mouth, and offers himself again, but she still gets in. He cheers for her, but she ends up injured, and when she gets out of the pyramid, he carries her to the infarmary. He comments in the confessional how everyone from his team has bad luck this time, as they suffer injuries, and they lose the challenge. He is doubtful if to vote for Mike, that wanted Bridgette out, or Ella, that has been causing chaos lastly. He recieves a barf bag, and it's revealed he voted for Ella at the end, that gets eliminated.

A-losement ParkEdit

This time, Trent asks Bridgette if she's doing ok, and she responds yes. He also tells Noah he still didn't have the chance, but he'll help him find one. When Test Tube starts talking about the Dark Magic Book, he starts suspecting on her, just before he spoils a book to Noah, and when Test Tube gets in trouble, he asks if she'll be ok, but she gets throught many troubles along the episode. When they fal, Bridgette grabs Trent, and both fall in a pool in Lego Park. They get out and follow Noah's orders into making up the rollercoaster of the team, and they decide to make it more scary by adding the fears of the riders, such as Gwen's claustrophobia and Brick's fear of dark, and agreed into making one. He works hard on the project, and constantly remminds everyone to do their job, and tries to get Noah into work, but he doesn't care, and keeps on drinking coffee and shouting orders, while Mike is also mad again by Bridgette's bad leadership. Izzy pops again, and while Trent is busy making her join the work, Noah falls in the sewer and gets trapped, without Trent's noticing. They select Soap, Jasmine, Gwen, Fan and Brick for the ride, and he is surprised to see Fan isn't afraid of water. They manage to scare Soap and Brick out, and Gwen tosses also Fan when he gets her mad. When their rollercoaster stops, Noah appears and complains about how everyone forgot about him. He wishes luck to his teammates when they get to ride the other attractions, as he isn't selected for any of them. As they lose, he is afraid of either him or Bridgette being sent to the Swordfish team, but they aren't selected for it, but Mike.

Draculean's KeystleEdit

Trent hears to Izzy saying that they are the weakest team on Loser Class, and he says that it sucks. However, he is cheered up by Bridgette's speech. Even with that, he tells that he is afraid of losing again, cause in that case, one of the four friends will have to go. When Noah sounds skeptical, he brings him appart, and tells him to don't worry about his vote, because he still has promised to make him shine. Trent then cheers up the team instead, and they do a hands up, and as usual the Loser Class' doors open, and he gets thrown out. When he and Bridgette land, they talk about Geoff, and how they'll mess up with him if they tell him they are getting close, and Trent agrees to leave her on her own. He helps Gwen up when Jo pushes her, and when they are on the house, the Dolphins agree to stick toghether. When their clue is revealed, they try to discover it, arriving at the conclusion that it's somewhere high. When Izzy disappears, Trent and the others try to find her, and Bridgette si really scared about the vampire influence. When Izzy strikes in as a vampire, they run away to the main hall, chasen by her, and when Bridgette and Noah lock the door, Trent is trapped outside, and screams the others to let him in, but they are afraid and don't do so, and Izzy bites Trent, making him become another vampire, that chases the rest. At the end, Chef manages to safe all the vampires, and Trent glares to him after he jokes about it. He congrratulates Bridgette and Noah for having won the challenge for their team, and he wishes he can still stay in the winning streak.

The RattrapEdit

Trent is on first class talking to Noah about his spotlight earn, and they eventually lead the conversation to Bridgette, and he goes to talk to her, bringing her a muffin. They talk again about Geoff, and he manages to cheer her up, and they go along with Noah and Izzy and they swim in Chris' private hot tub. He catches them there, and as a punishment, he makes him and Bridgette wear "McLean Fan" shirts, disgusting them. Trent gets out of the plane without needing of crashlanding, and tells everyone to not make fun of the shirts, before going inside Monkswell Mansion. Him and Bridgette talk about the creepy house, and she asks him if he'll turn into a vampire and try to kill her again, but he says no, and they hear the challenge, and they agree to stick toghether to find the rats. They later find Chris dead, and decide to keep with the challenge, thinking that it's all fake. They go and search a rat, which Izzy succeeds into capturing. As the crimes in the house advance, Izzy manages to catch another rat, but bad news, it's Noah, who she believes to be a rat. They manage to separate them, and they begin thinking either Dakota or Gwen, and when the lights fade down, he tells Bridgette he's sorry for having doubted of her, and when the lights are set on, Noah is found dead, which causes him pain. As the crimes advance, hm and Bridgette get scared about Izzy's craziness, but they eventually suspect Topher is guilty. When Brick appears dead with dark hair on his hands, Bridgette starts suspecting on him, and he tries to prove his innocence, while Izzy appears dead, and then Topher, leaving the suspect list everytime more blank. He does some last attempts of cheering Bridgette up, but when the lights fade down, he is the next one to be found about to die, and is able to give her some final words before closing his eyes. Bridgette succeeds with the right deduction, revealing it to be Jasmine, and as the challenge finishes and everyone is revealed to be alive, Trent hugs Bridgette and congratulates her skills, and they do a final cheer up for the Daring Dolphins.

The Maine CourseEdit

Trent first appears flirting on Loser Class, flirting with Bridgette, which causes Noah to remmind that she's already taken, and he can't do that. He also reffers that he always had a crush on Izzy, but Trent says that he now wants a happy ending after the Gwen fiasco, and he agrees to leave him on his own. The plane is on difficulties, and Trent constantly asks about what is going on, and as he panicks along wth everyone, until it crashes, and he lands. When he gets up, he asks about where is Noah, that's under eveyone else, and he also gets surprised when he sees John again, that's really similar to him. When Geoff is also revealed to be there, and he is relieved, thinking he didn't catch the show, but Noah cheers him to do it, angering Trent, and he discovers what's been going on, and gets mad at them both, breaking up with Bridgette, and wanting to rig the challenge against them. He then decides it's better to not team up with her, to try to fix things up, but he can't resist for long, and goes and jokes with her, getting Geoff even more mad. Trent cooks some cheese sticks, but the pan sets on fire and he is forced to do it again. Tyler appears and leaves him the message that Geoff says they're dead. When they introduce their dishes, Geoff's low scores get the Dolphins to lose, also thanks to Noah's comments, and he feels really bad for it, feeling he'll get eliminated as it's his fault, but in a fact conclusion, Dakota is the one that is eliminated, and all the Dolphins remain safe.

I'm Alive After a Japanese Game ShowEdit

Trent and his team talk about how close it was last time, and they try to find Izzy again, thinking she's on the wing of the plane. When Fan reveals that the next locaion is Japan, Bridgette is super excited, he asks if she's fond of the Japanese culture, which she nods, and asks back, and he tells that he has never cared much of it, but he hopes they can both learn more in there. They all get interested by Topher's pictures of Duncan's wedding with a donkey, and as usual, the door breaks and he falls out. Trent lands on his "male parts", and his voice turns a bit high pitched, but he gets up as Bridgette asks if he's doing ok, and they both reffer again to Geoff, but they forget about it next, as Chris announces the challenge. Trent gets a bit worried when Gwen is teporaly joining the Darng Dolphins, and when he does a comment on the challenge, Lightbulb reffers to him as John. He cheers for Bridgette when she does her part of the relay, and when she finishes, they get some rice and have lunch toghteher, until he goes to compete on his part of the challenge. As Trent keeps eating and advancing while he competes, he gets really sick and ends up puking on the slide, causing Lightbulb to roll along, and then he pukes to Chris, that covers with the actual John. Trent passes his baton to Izzy, and returns with Bridgette, not feeling allright still, so the rice wil have to wait, until Gwen's diary lands on his hands, and he decides to keep it and give it back later. Trent and Bridgette take care of Izzy after her injuries, and while they take out her leeches, while the audience makes fun of them. When the tiebreaker is about to start, Trent asks Noah to do it for the Dolphins, as it's his biggest chance to safe the day, even when there's risk of being eliminated, but after he's doubtful for some time, Jo defies Jasmine for a match, and the Dolphins get second, saving Noah, and leaving Trent a bit disappointed about his proise still being unfulfilled. 

From Russia with LurkEdit

When Trent wakes up, he quickly tries to not get into any conversation with his teammates, hiding one secret, but they easily discover that he isn't doing well. While he gives them the excuse that he has lost his lucky guitar pick, he reveals in the confessional that he has actually paid the medical care for Izzy on the last episode, as Chris didn't want to pay for it. However, he didn't have the money, so he is in debt with a Japanese man, and desires to find a new way to earn it. When he gets out of the confessional, eh discovers Noah sulking, again because of his lack of spotlight, and because he feels offended on how Trent planned to give him a death in limelight episode. Trent excuses himself, claiming that he isn't exactly a smart man, and leaves Noah to think on its own, grabbing his guitar before landing on their next destination. Despite him guessing they were all going to travel to a hot place, they find themselves on Russia. Trent decides to give this challenge to Noah, hpoing it's his chance, as he sings in the streets of Russia only to get three coins, as Chris already sold CDs. Even when Trent insults Chris, he finds not much to do. He takes a small part on the last challenge, and also mocks Blaineley when she appears. He's glad to see Noah got them scoring in second place with his planned code, but also comments that his quest for money was a complete disaster.

Moose Ado About NothingEdit

Trent is awoken by Brick, his new teammate, and decides to join him in his training of the team, until Chris enters in first class and starts to talk with Noah, questioning who's his actual girlfriend. Trent doesn't do much in the challenge, but he comments how his parents already paid the debt. He joins his teammates on the sled race, and decides to follow Noah's advice of being a new dog for the team, as Chris released some of his sled's after some comments from Noah. His team wins, but after some discussions that start breaking the alliance members appart, as Noah and Bridgette start insulting each other, making Trent ask himself how can they get out of that.

Total Drama Fans Vs. Favourites:Edit

Locked at HomeEdit

Trent arrives to the island and soon gets at Bridgette's side, hapy to be reunited. When Kelly appears, he comments that how did the sow allow someone so old get in, with some doubts, but they are turned down by Chris. When Brody, Geoff's old friend, appears, it is soon sown that he particullary dislikes him for stealing Geoff's girl. On the challenge, Trent tries to direct the team a bit, and when it comes to is turn to be on the kart, Brody uses it to attack him. Sick of his coments, and now violence, Trent soves him into his kart, and urries with the challenge. His team loses, but he is safe, as Max gets eliminated.

Into The TruthEdit

Trent appears talking with Bridgette about Brody, who is now trying to break their relationship. As Trent says he'll take it easy, he also adds that if he does really annoy him, he won't have mercy. As the challenge advances, he is eventually taken down at the end. His team loses, and they eliminate Shawn, but what does actually concern Trent is that Brody kisses Bridgette, in one of his attempts, whic makes him strangle Geoff's friend, before letting him to run away.

Leaf It To MeEdit

Trent is first seen concerned about what happened last night, talking about it with Bridgette. He isn't really seen as the challenge advances, but when Chris says that the Fans just won again, Brody uses it to insult him, making him glare. Then, shockingly, the Buffaloes are revealed to have won, so they're all safe.

Tony, We Aren't in KansasEdit

Trent appears when his team discusses what will be the play and when they agree with it being West Side Story, they put Trent as Tony, the protagonist, despite he isn't really willing to ave to kiss Sky. Bridgette feels bad about it, and talks to him, trying to ask if that fact will cange their relationship, while he says he'll just make it as a professional, with no second feelings. The play advances well, until Alejandro makes a scheme, and exposes Sky as a Dark Witch, forcing the play to speed up, and Trent and Bridgette to work under pressure. Due to the incident, his team loses, and they eliminate Sky, under Alejandro's influence.

Loose Lips, Scare TeensEdit

Trent isn't seen much in this episode, just on the scenes with the rest of the team, or on his certain fear conquer part, where he's able to pass trought a room decorated asa  circus, infested with mimes. His team wins.

Saturday Night BeaversEdit

As the teams meet, Trent is shocked by seeing Karli take out a knife randomly, and gets scared by her. Trent later supports Bridgette as she has an encounter with Alejandro, and also tells Cody to leave him behind, as he's not worth it. As they also team with Gwen, they remember a bit the old times, as Bridgette feels a bit uncomfortable. They talk both for a second but suddenly, the beavers chase them around the boat. They are able to hide in a hall, where they have a meal, but the beavers appear again, and are able to finally throw them out. Their team ends up winning anyways, so they're safe.

Love, Ugh, LoveEdit

Trent wakes up and goes to see how Bridgette is, and when they start to get cheesy, Brody throws a rock at the window, and interrupts them. They talk about how annoying he's getting, and once the challenge starts, Trent also orders Brody to not chase his girlfriend, quite stupid, as it's a paintball challenge. Trent follows Bridgette to the pet cementery, to get sure that Brody isn't around, but he is, and tries to eliminate her, on a chance he has. Trent shots him down, taking him out of the challenge, but also himself, as he shot another male. Trent decides he'll go to the exile when his team wins, in order to find the idol.

Zing-O FeverEdit

Trent meets Bridgette after exile, and they seem to be surprised by the happiness that surrounds the fans (but Crimson), until they go cheesy again. When the Zingbot "zings" Brody, Trent feels bad, as he's mentioned on it, and believes the robot will just make the conflict bigger. And it doesn't help that Bridgette and Brody are paired together for the actual challenge. Trent, instead, gets paired with Alejandro, Esperanza and Crimson, which makes him nervous, as he found the idol last night on exile. They talk for a bit, trying to find the letters necessary to disable the robot, but on the while, Alejandro finds the idol. Trent discusses witht he girls, and they all decide to vote for Alejandro, but as he reveals the idol, Chris reveals that Trent is the one going home, as Al voted him to have revenge on the lies he told him. Trent gives a final speech to every member of his team, and kisses Bridgette a last time. 



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