Total Drama Sky Adventures
Season 2
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Country of origin Italy, Mexico, Spain, USA
Genre Animation
Reality television
Episode count TBA
Premiere TBA
Created by Berryleaf
Developed by Berryleaf, Cabbage pult 74, The not so happy user and King Flurry51
Directed by Berryleaf, Cabbage pult 74, The not so happy user and King Flurry51
Preceded by Total Drama Enchanted Forest
Succeeded by Total Drama: Fans Vs. Favourites


Ten previous contestants that were in the previous season compete against 11 newcomers across the globe. Unlike the last time that the world theme was used, contestants won't sing in any time. The season will have three teams competing, and while the first two to win a challenge win inmunity, the last one attends elimination ceremony. When a contestant is deemed safe, it's handed with a Barf Bag full of peanuts. Whoever doesn't receive one, has been eliminated and must take the Fall of Shame, and leave the plane using (or not) a parachute.


Once that Total Drama Enchanted Forest was over, ten contestants won an opportunity in the special to move on in the next season, where they would be competing against eleven newbies to make the second season around the world, going to different locations each time. They were divided into three teams: the Daring Dolphins, the Sneaky Swordfishes and the Treacherous Turtles, all of them with seven members each. Once made, the teams wouod compete for two goals: inmunity and first class (only handed at the first place). The team that comes in last must attend the elimination ceremony, when one of the teammates will be voted off and forced to take the Fall of Shame and leave the plane. Whoever makes it to the end has a chance of becoming the winner of the season and $1,000,000.


As the last season was a fan-fiction-type, this season's way was changed to be a roleplay. As of then, five users (later six) selected a cast of 21 contestants, that was made up of both new contestants and returning contestants from the firat season. After the selection, the cast was finally released:



For more information, visit: Total Drama Sky Adventures elimination table

The process of elimination in Total Drama Sky Adventures is similar to the one used in World Tour; upon losing a challenge (except for reward challenges), a team would vote for someone on their team, and whoever received the biggest amount of votes would be voted off. Once that the teams were merged, there can only be one person safe (except in a special case), that is whoever had won an inmunity challenge. In case of a tie, the persons that aren't involved in the tie would make a second vote against the persons that are involved on it, until the tie breaks, and someone is voted off. If the vote is deadlocked yet again, the contestants involved in the tie wouod face a tiebreaker challenge, until one of them is eliminated.

Participant Team Status Placing
Scott Treacherous Turtles 1st Voted out
in Shanghai N' Seek
22nd Place Non-Merged
Anne Maria Daring Dolphins 2nd Voted out
in One, Two, Three, Fort
21st Place
Cody Sneaky Swordfishes 3rd Voted out
in Radical Pyramidal
20th Place
Sierra Sneaky Swordfishes 4th Voted out
in Farce West
19th Place
Ella Daring Dolphins 5th Voted out
in Az-Take a Chance
18th Place
Soap Treacherous Turtles 6th Voted out
in Draculean's Keystle
17th Place
Paintbrush Sneaky Swordfishes 7th Quit
in The Rattrap
16th Place
Dakota Treacherous Turtles 8th Evacuated
in The Maine Course
15th Place
Jo Treacherous Turtles 9th Eliminated
in I'm Alive After a Japanese Game Show
14th Place
Mike Sneaky Swordfishes 10th Voted out
in The Maledition of the Black Pearl
13rd Place
Bridgette Daring Dolphins 11th Voted out
in The Last Luau in Tahiti
12nd Place
Noah Daring Dolphins 12th Voted out
in I Con-Go Further
11th Place Merged
Topher Sneaky Swordfishes 13th Voted out
in Outback to the Ocean Origins
10th Place
Brick Treacherous Turtles 14th Voted out
in Outback to the Ocean Origins
9th Place
Lightbulb Treacherous Turtles 15th Voted out
in I Like to Win it Win it
8th Place
Test Tube Sneaky Swordfishes 16th Voted out
in The K.O.ROR Training Course
7th Place


Twenty-one contestants, plus Chris, the host.

Voice Actor Role Episode count Roleplayer
Christian Potenza Chris 22/22 episodes Everyone*
Brian Koch Fan 16/22 episodes Flurry
Megan Fahlenbock Gwen 16/22 episodes Happy
Katie Crown Izzy 16/22 episodes Berry
Katie Bergin Jasmine 16/22 episodes Cabbage
Cory Doran Mike 16/22 episodes Flurry
Adam Katz Test Tube 16/22 episodes Anime
Scott McCord Trent 16/22 episodes Happy
Michael Bruzzone Lightbulb 15/22 episodes Berry
Jon Cor Brick 14/22 episodes Happy
Christopher Jacot Topher 14/22 episodes Cabbage
Carter Hayden Noah 13/22 episodes Flurry
Kristin Fairlie Bridgette 12/22 episodes Berry
Laurie Elliot Jo 10/22 episodes Flurry
Carleigh Beverly Dakota 9/22 episodes Lego
Taylor Grodin Paintbrush 8/22 episodes Happy
Kacie Chapman Soap 7/22 episodes Anime
Sunday Muse Ella 5/22 episodes Anime
Annick Obonsawin Sierra 4/22 episodes Cabbage
Peter Oldring Cody 3/22 episodes Berry
Athena Karkanis Anne Maria 2/22 episodes Cabbage
James Wallis Scott 1/22 episodes Anime

* The role of Chris will be turned, depending on who creates the episode.


Daring Dolphins: Anne Maria, Bridgette, Ella, Izzy, Mike, Noah and Trent.

Treacherous Turtles: Brick, Dakota,  Jasmine, Jo, Lightbulb, Soap and Scott.

Sneaky Swordfishes: Cody, Fan, Gwen, Paintbrush, Sierra, Topher and Test Tube.

Date & HoursEdit

The RP starts from Saturday April 4th 2015. It will be taken each week in this way. There can be two different times:

When 3 episodes are taken, starts at 2.00 pm EST-8.00 pm in Europe.

When only 2 episodes are taken, starts at 5.30 pm EST- 11.30 pm in Europe.

Episodes ListEdit

Note:the episode list isn't complete and can change in every moment.

Episode Title City Country Creator/s
1 "Shanghai N' Seek" Shanghai China Cabbage pult74 feat King Flurry 51
2 "One, Two, Three, Fort" Helsinki Finland Berryleaf
3 "Radical Pyramidal" Chefren's Pyramid Egypt King Flurry 51
4 "Farce West" Ghost Town of Bodie USA Happy feat King Flurry 51
5 "Az-Take a Chance" Teotihuacan Mexico Cabbage pult74
6 "A-losement Park" Lego Park, Copenaghen Denmark Berryleaf
7 "Draculean's Keystle" Bran Castle Transylvania- Romania King Flurry 51
8 "The Rattrap" Monkswell Mansion England Happy
9 "The Maine Course" Ashland USA Berryleaf
10 "I'm alive after a Japanese Game Show" Tokyo Japan King Flurry 51
11 "The Maledition of the Black Pearl" Pearl Islands Bahamas Cabbage Pult 74
12 "The Last Luau in Tahiti" Huahini Island Tahiti Cabbage Pult 74 feat Happy
13 "I Con Go Further" Congo Congo Happy
14 "Outback to the Ocean Origins" Uluru-Sydney Australia King Flurry 51
15 "I Like to Win it Win it" Madagascar Madagascar Cabbage pult74
16 "The K.O.ROR Training Course" Koror Archipelago of Palau Cabbage pult74
17 "Two Sixcilies, Four aces and a Queen of spades" Naples South Italy King Flurry 51
18 "TDSA Aftermath: Spotlights in the Desert" Dubai Dubai Cabbage pult74
19 "Sleet Race Rejkiavic Iceland Berryleaf
20 "This S4 The Drama" Area 51 Nevada King Flurry 51
22 "Close to the Sun" Cape Canaveral USA King Flurry 51

Voting HistoryEdit

Due to this season being a Roleplay style one, the contestants will cast their votes in private messages with whoever is in the host role. This is a table that features all characters' votes.

Total Drama Sky Adventures Voting History
Teams Original Teams Post-Switch Teams Merge Phase
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Voted Off: Scott
Anne Maria Countdown
Jo Countdown
Mike Countdown
Vote: 4-3 4-2-1 4-2-1 3-2-1 4-1-1 3-2-1 4-2 No Vote No Vote No Vote 2-2-1 2-1 2-1-1 5-4-1 1-1 1-0
Fan Cody Gwen Gwen Gwen Gwen Test Tube Ineligible Ineligible
Gwen Cody Sierra Mike Mike Inelegible Noah Ineligible Ineligible
Izzy Anne Ella Bridgette Test Tube Ineligible Ineligible
Jasmine Scott Jo Noah Ineligible Ineligible
Test Tube Paintbrush Sierra Mike Topher Mike Noah Ineligible Ineligible
Trent Anne Ella Izzy Izzy Brick Lightbulb
Lightbulb Scott Soap Test Tube Topher Ineligible
Brick Dakota Soap Noah Ineligible
Topher Cody Sierra Mike Mike Mike Noah Ineligible
Noah Anne Ella Bridgette Test Tube
Bridgette Anne Ella Noah
Mike Bridgette Bridgette Gwen Gwen Ineligible
Jo Scott Soap Eliminated
Dakota Scott Lightbulb Evacuated
Paintbrush Cody Test Tube Mike Quit
Soap Dakota Jo
Ella Mike Mike
Sierra Gwen Gwen
Cody Paintbrush
Anne Maria Mike
Scott Dakota

Episodes SchemeEdit

Pre-Merge: from 1 to 11

Merge: from 12 to end.


  • This is the first season to have it's name changed. As stated months ago, the season was going to be called Total Drama Enchanted Tour, this is evidenced in the special of the last season, as in early news about the upcoming season.


Do not counting the genderless Paintbrush, of the returning contestants from the previous season only males were in the Whimsical Dragons while four females and two males were in the Enchanted Butterflies.

Since Dawn and Dave didn't return and Cody and Paintbrush were eliminated, Jasmine is the highest placed contestant in TDEF to be still in the game for this second season.

Jo was again eliminated directly from Jasmine like happened in Lost in the Woods.

The cover image for "One, Two, Three, Fort" was changed several times and the last change was forced by the previous elimination of Scott, that appeared in the original image.

Unlike the canon seasons and the same Total Drama Enchanted Forest, this season has 2 episodes focused on an horror themed challenge: "Draculean's Keystle" and "The Rattrap".

Lindsay should have been in the cast but she was late when the plane took off, so she got excluded from the season.


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