Radical Pyramidal
Season 2, Episode 3
Radical Pyramidal cover
Location Chefren's Pyramid, Egypt
Challenge(s) Form the longest word with the letters given
Reward(s) Inmunity and First Class
Winner(s) Daring Dolphins
Eliminated Cody
Transcript Radical Pyramidal
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"Yeah, because I look totally like a chair! You can see the back and the flat surface where to sit on, oh and I'm also reclinable, want to try? Just push the button."Edit


The contestants have to find a treasure inside the pyramid of Chefren, getting through the various traps (in narration) and enigmas. The challenge consists in continuos rounds of SCRABBLE (taken every 5 minutes) , the famous table game.

SCRABBLE RULES: for who doesn't know, SCRABBLE ,that's a wordplay on "scarab", is a table game where each round everyone is given 8 random letters (for example: SEOKLFIO) and with them has to form a word: who creates the longest word gets each time a piece to solve the enigma of the pyramid, until to get 8 pieces (that means winning 8 times) that makes the team the winner. For example:

  • Noah placed in Team 1 forms the word: "FLOKS" - 5 letters used
  • Leshawna placed in Team 2 forms the word: "FOOL" -4 letters used
  • Topher placed in Team 3 forms the word: "SIF" -3 letters used

Team 1 scores a point winning a piece to solve the enigma of the pyramid, that makes it closer to the treasure. Also, Topher, having provided for the shortest word, falls in a trap (or another obstacle of the pyramid) and gets eliminated from the challenge.

For each team everyone can choose if create or no a word, at the risk to result the worst and be so eliminated. Whatever, the valid word will be always the one made by the FIRST FOR EACH TEAM to post it. As, for example, Topher of Team 3 would have posted after another teammate (ex:Sierra), then Sierra's word would count. Understood?

Condition of Victory: win ten rounds of SCRABBLE to arrive to the treasure room of the pyramid.

Condition of Lose: the team whose member fell the most (if not all) in the traps go to Nomination.

It's forbidden use invented words or words that are not English vocabulary.

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