Farce West
Season 2, Episode 4
Farce West kover
Location Bodie, Ghost Town of-California (USA)
Challenge(s) Far West Paintball War
Reward(s) First Class
Winner(s) Daring Dolphins
Eliminated Sierra
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"Radical Pyramidal"
"Az-Take a Chance"

"Any sign of God?"Edit

A challenge in California challenges the remaining 19 to compete in a 3 sided paintball battle. When one contestant returns from a previous injury, it's up to her to work again together her team to achieve the goal. Each team has a certain objective:

The Cowboys have to fix the ghost town and protect it from the attack of the Indians and also prevent the criminals to steal their gold.

The Indians have to assault the ghost town, "kill" the cowboys and destroy it without being killed.

The Criminals have simply to steal the gold, but only the leader of them has a weapon to attack and defend.

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