"Also relationships were simplier in the past: you found the first pluricellular girl available (trust me, the choice was infinite), flirted, dated and layed an egg, clack."

Victini is Very Very Very Very Victorious
Gender male
Eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Relationship Gorebyss (One sided on his side)
Family Mother (she's probably in a fossil)
Friends Dunsparce, Sylveon, Beheeyem, Gorebyss
Enemies Seviper, Tropius, Lucario, and Vanillite

Anorith labeled the Fossil Mind is a member of the Victini Venturers. Judging by the aspect Anorith may seem a cute strange pokèmon you'd like to pet at your home but he's instead tough as nails, if not rude. Anorith has a rough temper being still used to think as in the primitive age he lived before being imprisoned in a claw fossil from he has just woken up, and finds hard to habit to the new times. However he's enough determined and sharp-witted to survive. He has also the knack to snap his claws often at the end of a quote.

Anorith has an high consideration of himself and his skills, he gets easily grumpy when things goes wrong but rarely gives up unless necessary: this bold makes often the anomalocaris to get in trouble provoking or belittling the enemy pokèmons, only to retire cowardly soon after to prevent more damages.

Apart from his roughness Anorith is still a cute pokèmon all the females would like to cuddle (despite he hates to be treated like a girlish pet toy) and infact he's never considered a serious threat in generally...but if cuteness can be a curse, it also can be his best weapon that can stop the attack of the cruelest adversary..almost. A little opportunist but generally pretty loyal, Anorith put all his efforts in every challenge and has actually a great resistance and patient in front of the misfortunes (he's infact a pain-magnet) he gets into constantly. Anorith has immediately a crush for Gorebyss and this is why he clashes immediately with Vanillite: he has a kind of primitive approach to the love business..being stuck in the Cenozoic where things, stating by his words, were simplier.

--King Flurry51 08:55, September 2, 2015 (UTC)